The Faith Sisters, Inc.

Happy Thanksgiving


Can you believe we are almost at the end of a year! 

Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow and we have had a lot of company and we are just having a peaceful day tomorrow at home, being so thankful for all God has blessed us with .  This year we just had our 27 anniversary and I can tell you, my husband is a Saint for sure. 

When we think of thankfulness, it is something we do every day of the year. We arise in the morning telling God thank You for another day to make a difference and experience the wonderful favor on our lives, and we see it unfold every day!  We say thanks when we see the favor on our  lives during the day, kept out  of accidents and going thru a green light is one of my favorites!  The end of the day comes and as we lay our heads down on the pillow, how thankful we are for a home, bed, covers, and our families, church and etc. 

What are you especially thankful for this year? Don't forget to give God the glory for what ever it is and be reminded how far He has taken you from where you started! I'm excited for you too! 

God Bless and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Childrens Burn Center


Recently we brought supplies, bibles, erasable tablets, bubbles and hand made Teddy Bears up to the Chaplain KC Kopaska here in Springfield, MO. We asked if they could use anything else and KC text me a couple days later and said they didn't have any more color crayons. 

They get the 4 pack crayons that have the primary colors and so The Faith Sisters came through and brought him 144 this last week. 

What a blessing my husband is. This week on the 21st we ill have been married 27 years! I happened to have been fighting with the virus that seems to have hit this country, but bless Lou, he went himself and brought the crayons to KC so the children wouldn't go without. 

How blessed I am to have the husband God sent me! 

Tedd Bears


How blessed I have been in the last week or so, Jerry Crider, my husbands cousins wife, came over and helped me stuff Teddy Bears for the Children's Burn Center here in Springfield, MO. Then Tracy Stallings, bless her heart, came and took several Teddys and informed me she has them stuffed and ready to give back to me to be sealed up for the children. 

Then today, our precious neighbor, Morgan Carlock, came and helped me stuff and seal up Teddy's ! 

What wonderful women who are stepping up and helping with our outreaches for The Faith Sisters! Thanks ladies! 

Arizona Children's Burn Center


We were blessed to have Dr. Gail Torres, the head Chaplain, at the Arizona Children's Burn Center give us a tour. 

There are pictures posted of the center, at least some of  which could be shown. No children's pictures are taken of course due to the sensitivity and privacy. 

The Scrub Room has many pictures posted all over the room to help distract the little ones from the pain. 

The staff are amazing to be able to come in every day and care for these precious children and adults alike. They are humble persons who try to keep the children's moral up with the bubbles we supply. Erasable tablets are supplied for those who cannot speak yet from the burns, and of course hand made Teddy Bears are given to the children. These precious bears touch many lives in the hospital, who doesn't  like something to hug and hold during time of stress.  

Bibles are given to those who wish to have one and audio bibles are available to the children to hear. Teens especially like the Psalms with the comforting words God has to share of how He cares for His children, giving hope and faith they will do well. 

Thanks to all who make this possible for this outreach The Faith Sisters puts their hand and heart to. Because of Mary's severe burns when she was a child, this outreach is very dear to her heart. 

Buckeye Women's Christian Meeting


We had a great turn out at "The Buckeye Valley Christian Women's Fellowship Fall 2019 Meeting " held at the Grace Fellowship Church in Buckeye, AZ.How blessed we were by so many who worked to make this event happen and extra thanks to : Glinda and Lewis Weddle for hosting us at their lovely home in Casa Grande, AZ .  My trip was made easier by Phyllis Straight, one of our Partners, who flew with me from Missouri to Arizona and set up the tables with the books and cd's and info.  An extra blessing when Phyllis's sister, Laurie Krumm, who came all the way in from Yuma, AZ to help with the tables and the Weddle's were a blessing with hosting all three of us at their home. 

One of our own Faith Sisters, Carolyn Williams surprised me from traveling in with a friend and helped with needed prayer for those who came to the event. 

Ellen Berry, the President of the Women's Christian group pulled this event together and want to thank her and Delilah for making it possible. 

This trip was topped off by Dr. Gail Torres from the Arizona Children's Burn Center in Phoenix when we brought a load of supplies and she took time to give us a tour. Thanks Dr. Torres for all you do, what a heart of God she has and very blessed to be helping with supplies for the center. 

Fall 2019


Amazing how quickly the days, weeks, months and year seem to be flying by now. Can you believe it is the 26th of October? 

I saw a precious little one that had a frown on her face last night at church. Her grandmother is trying to care for her and 2 other children from her daughter who is on drugs. This precious woman of God is taking care of her husband which has much health issues and getting custody of these children. 

It reminds me of the struggles my grandparents must have went thru when they were able to get us out of foster homes and caring for my mother who had a grand mall seizure and in a coma for over a year. Wow! How many  people would step up to this challenge. Mother had to even learn to speak and pick up buttons before she was strong enough to sit and walk, let along care for 4 children. 

My heart goes out to this precious woman who was holding this cranky little one in the pew in front of me. I have a way with children and soon the little one was smiling and chuckling. Her grandma said it was the first time she had smiled at anyone all day.  These children who are passed here and there have a life of uncertainty and it can be a struggle for all involved. 

I'm praying there is peace in that family and God steps in and creates a safe inviroment for all involved and health on her husband and fortitude to continue caring for these precious children. 

How blessed we are to have healthy children that have grown up to be productive adults. 



Have you ever stopped and thought of how quickly things go? Look at our lives, well I'm a great grandmother, so you can imagine how fast it seems to fly by for me.  Just think in your life time again, what age you will be !  I will be walking the streets of gold with my Lord Jesus, how exciting-- a win win situation. 

I know its been a month since I have written in the blog, sorry about that.  We have been in the middle of a move! 

You want to hear how awesome God is ? I knew you did !  so I will share. 

We have been looking for a place a bit bigger with some land so my husband could put a shop to work in. One day we were both praying for God to show us one, and I hate to say this but I was starting to feel a bit discouraged. We had been looking for months and nothing. But this day our realtor called and said one had just went on the market literally a couple hours earlier and she thought this might be ours. 

Setting an appointment to see it and there it was, we couldn't have built one any better. God  had once again come through ! Within the hour we put in an offer and had purchased our home. Now we had to list ours we were living in and it sold in four days. Well you're right , that means we have to move in two weeks and get everything done.  Wow ! 

So we now are in our new, used home, but new to us and we are looking to build that shop for my hubby, Thanks God ! You are an amazing God ! 



I was on Linked In today and I read where " Integrity demands that every area of your life be treated in the same intensity." 

When we understand that God says do all as unto me, we understand as a believer our boss is God! 

That puts a new twist on whatever we are up to doesn't it!  Think of how far you can go when you live that way- Wow- there is no limit  to how far God wants to take you! You are a child of the Living King ! 

When no one is around and you still do the right thing-- that's integrity to me. We answer to God in the end.

Job 8: 5-7 NLT

"If you pray to God and seek the favor of the Almighty, and if you are pure and live with integrity, He will surely rise up and restore your happy home. And though you started with little, you will end up with much. 

God's Favor


Have you been looking for God's Favor? If you are a child of the King of Kings, you already have favor, you just have to speak it in order.  Say," I have the favor of God on my life, in everything I do, and I thank God for the favor on my life!" 

You have  now claimed the favor God wishes for each of His children. Think of it, you belong to a Kingdom!  You are a child of the Living King and our Lord Jesus sits at the right hand of God! Wow! Can you see it? 

As Paul wrote in his letter to the Galatians, that plan was for all people to be blessed. "And the Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by Faith, preached the gospel to Abraham beforehand, saying , 'In you all the actions shall be blessed.' So then those who are of Faith are blessed with believing Abraham."  (Galatians 3:8-9 )

God's favor on a person's life will produce blessings. What's more, God gets great pleasure out of being able to demonstrate His  favor in our behalf; "Let them shout for joy and be glad, who favor my righteous cause; and let them say continually, 'Let the Lord be magnified, who pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.'"  Psalm 35:27

When  we thank God when we see favor on our lives and give Him all the glory we will be amazed how He pours favor, grace and blessings on our lives! I know I see it every day and I thank God for His favor morning, noon and night!  

Arizona Trip


Recently my husband and I made a trip back to Arizona. It is the first trip back since we moved to Missouri and how wonderful it was to see friends and family.

The mountains call my name as I see the majestic figures God has raised from the ground. You can see them for miles and miles, thinking you will be to your destination in a timely manner and still its hours longer. 

We used to ride horses up through the San Tan Mountains when there were no houses around, just nature and us. What a great time we had, taking a the horses and at times took a tractor with a hay rack full of people who wanted to join us. We'd roast hot dogs and marshmallows , making smores! I can almost taste them just thinking about it. 

What a great time of fellowship each month when the moon was full. It's a blast from the past which will not come again but are dear to my heart and I'm sure others still recall those precious times.  

Back Pack Benefit


We were so excited for the children in the Keokuk, Iowa area. 

The Faith Sisters, Inc was able to present the Keokuk Back Pack Program  a check in the amount of 2,000.00 this year! 

Thanks Cassie Jones, our  Vice President,  who was able to make this event happen. 

A special thanks to the Bluegrass Auction Service in Keokuk for coming and donating their auction skills and Razzmatazz Band. Thanks Gary Dowell who came all the way from Florida to perform and Cassie Lynn,  for entertaining us with their music skills. 

What a wonderful outcome despite the flooding! 

Thanks Southside Boat Club for hosting The Back Pack Benefit this year! 

It is because of donations like all who made this possible we are able to reach out and feed the children! God Bless each of you! 

God's Word


Today the skies are full of blustery dark blue clouds that rumble and roar. Our cell phones are going off every few minutes with tornado warnings and severe flooding. 

As I open my Bible I ask God for His Word today and this is the scripture He shared and so appropriately. 

Psalm 78:1-3 

1) We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks for Your Name is near; men tell of Your wonderful deeds.

2) You say, "I choose the appointed time; it is I who judge uprightly. 

3) When the earth and all its people quake, it is I who hold its pillars firm. 


Food for Back Pack Program


We are excited to once again come along Keokuk, Iowa Schools and help furnish food for the children who would other wise go with food over the weekends. This picture is of Cassie Jones, our Vice President presenting Quinn Ruhl from Keokuk Schools with a check to help with food. If you would like to make a difference please let us know or go to our Donate to the Back Pack Program. 



It's beautiful outside today and how blessed we are to have the sunshine. Winter seemed to last so long to me this year. 

So excited to have the 2nd year Back Pack Fund Raiser to furnish food for the children to place in their Back Packs to take home over the weekends. Many children are going hungry in our country and we are the country that is so blessed and it should not be.  The Faith Sisters come together with the Keokuk, Iowa schools and they make this possible for children to have nutritious snacks. 

This event is being hosted by: Southside Boat Club in Keokuk, IA on May 25th.  Please check calendar for more information. Hope to see you there. 

Please agree with us that this weekend will have perfect weather for this event! Thanks! 


Spring Time


It's finally looking like Spring Time here in Missouri. What a welcome site to see thing in bloom and green. My husband is finally out mowing today and was excited about getting the yard back in shape. 

Hope this winter had been a great one for you who enjoy all the outdoors sports! I've seen pictures shown from a friend up in Montana and they had major snows. They delighted in snow boarding and skiing along with horse rides through all the snow. I guess I'm through all that sorts of activities, because when I was younger and lived in Illinois, we had to be out with the horses in the cold, and it was not a pleasure when we had too. 

Won't belong until it's Easter and the celebration of Christs rising from he dead and being the Lamb of God for our sins! What a great time of celebration knowing our sins have been redeemed due to our Risen Saviour! 

We went down to Branson to the Sight and Sound Theater and saw the play of Samson. What an amazing production, and if you have the opportunity, take time and see it! It will be worth your time. 


Book Signing


This weekend I'm looking forward to being at T-Charlestons in Branson, MO for a book signing.  Liz and her staff always do their very best to make for sure their clientele finds just what they are looking for! What a friendly place to visit with any kind of gift you could want. 

Come and meet me and get a book signed for you or a dear friend or family! 

Looking forward to seeing you! 



It's amazing how many stories I can tell of how God has touched my life in so many ways. 

The testimonies come to mind in the middle of the night and I go and write them down. What an amazing God we serve and His love for us is incredible! He creates things to be there before we even know who much we need them. How many times He has sent the Angels to protect us and keep us safe! The Holy Spirit to speak to us in His small whisper and sometimes loudly when in  harms way! 

It never ceases to amaze me! 

Hope you are having a wonderful week, looks like freezing rain again tonight and school closings again tomorrow. Stay safe. Sweet Dreams. 

Spring Time


Here in Missouri spring time comes earlier than some of the country and we are so thankful! It's seems to have been an exceptionally cold winter to me. Could just be that as time is marching on, I'm not enjoying the cold as much. Hoping spring comes to your area early too. 

I think I shall start writing a new book, a book of testimonies. This is what I feel God is leading me to do. In the past six months or so many have come up and told me I need to share in book form, so confirmation is there. If you have any wonderful testimonies you would like to share with me, please let me know.  email me at:     I would love to hear them. They inspire us to keep going and not to give up the race! 

Looking forward to hearing from you! Blessings on this wonderful  spring morning !

Let it Snow


Well Hello everyone 


Today I am excited to go and visit a friend who has been under the weather and is doing much better! 

Spending time with those precious friends is something we all should enjoy, a cup of coffee and great fellowship!

Take the day and do something wonderful that you will remember! Moments to make others smile and a kind word, they don't cost a thing but inspire others to keep going and enjoying life! 



Ending of 2018


Yes! It's the end of another year, 2018. I hope this year has been a good year as you look back and see 

all the blessings that have been poured on you. 

This last year we lost three family members and much sickness; yet how consoling knowing they are walking the 

streets of gold with our Lord and loved ones. Prayers  of comfort and peace go out to all  who have lost loved ones this year. 


Now! on to a New Year of 2019 .

I expect the windows of heaven opened with blessings beyond measure from our Father God this year on us and our family. I pray this for all the Faith Sisters and our Prayer Warriors!  What a blessing you have been over the years. We have seen many miracles from your continued prayers and support! 


Let it Snow.


Well its hard to believe Thanksgiving is just a week away.  We recently went up north to check on my daughter who had eye surgeries and needed a little help.  Not sure how much help I was while I was there, but sometimes its nice to have someone around when you might need a bit of help. 

Anyway on the way back it was snowing and oh how beautiful the snow was blanketed on the pines. I tried to remember how pretty cause when you try to take pictures of it, it didn't even come close to the real deal.  

When I was coming home I was thinking how each and every snow flake is so precious if you could look up close. God makes each and everyone and they are all different.  Just think how precious you are to God and He made you one of a kind too. 

I guess my point today is : enjoy your family and friends, each is made so precious to God and not two of them will ever be the same. 

So enjoy, slow down enough in this life to rejoice in what was planned for each of us. 



Can't believe this year has flown by. My grandma Mixer used to say as you get older time flies and I never thought so as a child. Now I can see how quickly time is flying. 

The leaves are starting to change due to the freezes we have had.  Its my favorite time of the year for the colors of the trees and the smell of fall on the air. There is apple cider and pumpkin pies cooking in the ovens. When you go into someones house it smells like the family is coming for the cookies. 

I love cooking from scratch and I think a pumpkin pie is in order too! 

Hope you enjoy the beautiful weather in your area! 

Pastor Winston


We had Pastor Appreciation Day today at our church and it was great to hear all of our Pastors speak for a couple minute. 

The one that touched me most of course is our Senior Pastor Winston Burton, who this weekend had been a Pastor for 50 years! That is amazing to me and he still has a passion to share God's word and loves his church. 

Pastor Winston may be clicking along with the clock, but he has the energy of a 45 year old and the love for life the same. 

His wife is a delightful lady who is one of my favorite women in the world. What a heart for God and an encourager for her husband and family. 

We have been excited and blessed to be part of the First Baptist Church of Rogersville since we moved here from Arizona. God certainly picked the best church for us to feel welcome and cared for. If you happen to be in our area, make for sure to stop in and hear Pastor Winston speak. He will inspire you to be the best Christian and to love your neighbor. 

Thanks Pastor Winston, you inspire us each week and how blessed we are by your heart for the people and your community! 

Remember to always pray for your pastors, they need your prayers! 

A Beautiful Season


What is your favorite season? 

Mine is the fall due to the beautiful colors that spray the hillsides with yellows, orange, reds and browns. How wonderful to see 

the mountains and hillsides display Gods glory. 

Many times we think of the fall in our lives to be a sad time, but I think it is a great time that shows Gods hand on your lives. 

It is a season you know who you are and you have touched so many lives. 

Its like you carrying the watering pot and all the places in your life thru the years which you have watered by just being the wonderful person you are. They bloom with the love you have shown over the years. 

I'm in the fall of my life and I am excited for my children who have turned out to be productive adults. They love the Lord and do what they know is always right.  How wonderful to see them making a difference in others lives. 

Enjoy the season in your life, another will come quickly and soon we will be walking the streets of gold with our Lord. 


Listening Clearly


God does point out our sin. That may not always sound loving to us, but He doesn't convict of sin for the purpose of condemning us. Gods purpose in lovingly reveling our sin is only to lead us to acknowledge it and confess it so He can change us. The enemys voice brings condemnation. 

You will know condemnation because it's accompanied by guilt that offered no clear means of relief. On the other hand, the Holy Spirit brings conviction that always provides a road map out and away from a specific sin.The Holy Spirits aim is always to lovingly steer us in the direction of His grace and toward intimacy with the Father, our Holy God. 

Romans 5:10 brings clarity to this point. 

Priscilla Shirer's book: "Discerning The Voice of God, How to Recognize When God Speaks"

A study book we finished this year in our Women's Bible Study, Priscilla writes this to remind us God Loves Us and wants us close to Him.  Its a great study book and if you don't think you know how to hear from God, along with your Bible its a great place to start. 

A Soft Rain


Today brings a soft rain the land can use. 

It reminds me of the soft rain of the Holy Spirit on our lives. Living Water, the spirit which comes from God

It replenishes our spirit and soul like the soft rain to the soil and the plants. 

I pray the Living Water washes you today and continues in your lives. 



Fall Approaches


Who could believe this year has marched right past July and now we are into September, and that's half over too. 

A couple days ago, my wonderful husband, Lou, had a birthday and he still looks great! God has been 

so good to us. This November we will have been married for 26 years. It only feels like a few until Lou and I set down

and discuss when happened where!  Funny how time slips away. Do you ever feel that way? 

We are blessed to even have great grandchildren, can you believe that. 


Today our church, First Baptist Church of Rogersville went down to the High School and fed the football team. I think  they lost their game last night from the discussions I heard, but after they came through the food line, they were looking like they could take on the world again. What a great outreach just to not expect anything of these young men and feed them, smile and ask if they'd like seconds.  

I hope you get an opportunity to reach out and do something for someone else, even the small things can be very big to others needing help or encouragement. 

Using Your Faith


In the previous post we were talking about using Gods given faith .

Jesus had cursed the fig tree and later that evening when Jesus and His disciples passed that way again, the disciples didn't say anything.  You know they must have looked at the tree as they went by because they heard Jesus curse the tree, but no evidence of change at this time.

Thats often the way it is when the force of faith goes into operation. It usually takes time for the visible effects to show up because faith goes to work first in the unseen realm of the spirit. It works from the inside out. 

This inside out way of operation can seem strange when you're first learning to use your faith because all our lives we have depended on the outside forces to meet our needs. Everything is given to us by someone instead of us relying on God, our inner force. 

When you receive Jesus as Lord , you became an inside - out person, who now has God supplying all your needs. You were born into the kingdom of God, and Jesus said that kingdom is within you. So now you increase and deal with the situations you face in life in an entirely different way. Rather  than depending on outside sources, you draw now the spiritual resources of God's kingdom by speaking words of faith and knowing God will supply.  

That's what Jesus did in Mark 11.  He understood words are the most powerful things that exist. He knows they govern everything because this is a word-created, word-dominated, and word-upheld universe. The fig tree died because Jesus spoke words of faith.  In about 24 hours when Jesus and His disciples passed the tree for the third time it was dead-- dried up from the roots, the inside out. 

Mark 11: 22-25 Have faith in God " For verily I say unto you, that whosoever ( you are a whosoever ) shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. And when ye stand praying, forgive...."

No doubting! Having forgiven any you have unforgiveness for---Having faith God will take care of it when you speak in faith, knowing it has to start in the spiritual realm and then comes to this realm--- you will receive--- and don't forget to thank God! 

Use Your Faith


God's Word has His faith in it! That's why its called "the Word of Faith" (Romans 10:8 ) When you read it , hear it , meditate on it and speak it, it empowers you to believe. It creates in you God's very own faith because He filled it with that faith when He released it. 

God's likeness and image, is designed by Him to feed on His Word, His Word is spirit food!   It strengthens and nourishes your inner man with the very life of God. 

Matthew 4:4 says, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God" .  So if God said it, you can feed on it. You can receive it and it will produce in you the force of divine faith . Then you can release that force to go to work in your life. 

in Mark 11 Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem when He got hungry; "And seeing a fig tree.. he came, if haply he might find any thing thereon; and when He came to it, He found nothing but leaves; for the time of figs was not yet.  And Jesus answered and said unto it, No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever. And his disciples heard it" ( verses 13-14 ) 

Notice, all Jesus did to put His faith into operation there was to speak the desired end result. He didn't say anything about how it was going to happen. He didn't talk about the tree drying up from the roots or anything like that. He just released His faith by saying what He heard the Father say in His spirit. Then He walked away and left it up to the Father who dwelt within Him to do the work. (John 14:10-12 ) 

It's that easy to use your faith and don't think you have no faith because the Word ( Romans 12:3 )  says God gave everyone the same measure of faith. You just have to use it and the more you use it the easier it will be  for you to use on the next test in your life.   

Hope that helps -- Blessings


Friends and Fish


Ever take time out with precious friends? 

We have a couple that we enjoy spending time with and we laugh and just plain enjoy each others company. What a great couple they are and today was his birthday. 

When we go out they always insist on going Dutch ( means you pay for your own meals ) because they can order what they want without feeling guilty and so can we. 

This evening we visited a place called FD Grill ( Fish Daddy's Grill )  in Springfield, MO.,  and our waiter was very pleasant and the meal was great. I could only eat half of mine and brought the rest home. But more than not we enjoyed hearing about their lives and the funny things they had done over the years. 

Take time with your friends, one of my precious Sisters in Christ , took me out for lunch earlier today, so I have not had to cook all day. It's almost like its my birthday! How blessed I am. 

Thank You Lord for another great day!  Hope all of you had one too! 



It has been a while since I have blogged. Sorry about that . I know many of you look forward to it. 

We have been up in Illinois with family and then as soon as we returned home my older brother and his wife came and we went down to Branson. 

Its funny how we all grow older and yet as I think about family there are seasons in our lives past,  where I still think of them at  that age. 

Like i have an older brother who when we were young we competed with everything. It was great fun. We'd race, climb trees, play baseball,  play checkers, pin-pong,  you get the thought , right? 

Now all my siblings are of course grown and my sister has went home to be with the Lord. Of course we miss her and speak of her often. Now the rest of us have grown and many have children, grandchildren and some of us, like me, even have great grandchildren. 

Our lives have changed so and its funny that we all chose different things in life to do.  Yet when we get together, and it doesn't matter how long since we have seen each other, we still have that love and connection with each other. 

We think of how many seasons we may have left in our lives and choose to do as much as we can till the Lord calls us home. 

Cherish your family, don't get in little tiffs that really have nothing to do with God's great plan and eternity in heaven.  You only get this ride one time. be happy, enjoy what God has blessed you with and remember you were chosen for this season and the family He placed you in.   How blessed I am. Thank you Father God for a loving family and thru all the struggles learn to be a better person from each trial and test in my life. 

Children are a Blessing


It's amazing how quickly children grow up. 

If you've read either of my books, On Fire For God or We Walk Among Angels, you would have walked thru the seasons

as my children grew up.  Now we have great grandchildren and it seems so impossible. 

Talking to my daughter this evening, she is asking if I need help with anything and every conversation we have, she always asks. 

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to know you have children that are truly interested if you need help. 

Many  people have children that seem to only whine and complain they want something, but never want to ask you, the parents how they are doing or if they need help. 

How blessed we are to have this wonderful woman, Cassie Jones, who is the Vice President of The Faith Sisters, Inc. because she has a heart like that , for other people. A compassionate woman of God. 


Heart Breaking


This last week we were in Branson with family and a terrible storm came upon Branson quickly. 

Unfortunately one of the Duck Boats did not make it back into shore when the storm hit the lake. 

17 people were lost because of the storm. What a terrible day for so many. 

My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of so many. 




This weekend we met with family down in Branson, MO. 

Branson is known for their family entertainment and you can find almost anything to go to, but 

of course you will pay the price for it. But at this little cafe, "Uptown Cafe" on State Route 165 going thru town just down 

from the Titanic Exhibit, they have live entertainment while you have a bite to eat. 

While we were there this weekend a young man thats not quite 18 years old who is a Elvis Presley imperator  was performing. 

We were amazed what a wonderful voice he had. If you get a chance stop in and see "Radley Pennington" 

We enjoyed the time with family and it poured like we were in a car wash. We were grateful we were inside when it hit. 

Enjoy your family while you have the opportunities, we never know what tomorrow will bring!

God is our Protector


I was reading an email that came thru this morning and it was a great story from the Bible about Elijah and thought I would share it with you.  Mike Evans sent the post to me. 

Elijah a prophet was with his servant, a young man who was training under him. This young prophet awoke one morning and went outside to discover hundreds and thousands of Syrians around him and his master , and he was afraid for his life.

When he informed Elijah of the dire situation,  the prophet walked out and said, "Those who are for us are greater than those against us."  (2 Kings 5 ) How is that possible one man asked? Look around the mountain , there are 100,000 men and horses are going to kill us?  But Elijah said, " Lord , Open his eyes that he may see!"  

What did Elijah see? He saw Angels in  chariots of fire, tens of thousands of them encircling the entire mountains of Syria. Elijah simply spoke the words and every one of the Syrians were struck blind.  He led them as a massive, powerless army right into the Kings capital! 

Remember : Psalm 34:7  says," The Angel of the Lord  encamp around all those who fear Him, and delivers them." (Niv)

You and I have not been left defenseless and unprotected. 




If you have great friends that last a lifetime, you truly have a treasure. 

We have friends that we have known for 26 years and they have been alot of fun over the years. 

Not only are they friends, but they are always asking if we need something or need help doing something, and 

they really mean it. 

A few years ago we were trying to get moved and Lou and I were both working, so it was major issue. Our friends came 

all the way to Arizona from Illinois--- they brought their trailer and helped us move.

I hope you are that blessed to have friends like that, I know we have children that way too! and how blessed are we!! 

Thanks children and friends! God Bless to you and your families. 



This has been a busy week for me. 

I had to do a few changes on my site and my host---Host Baby -- was great to work with and so was Pay Pal. 

Thinking I had to reload snippets of music so you all could hear, but I didn't have to. It was still in place!

Its been in the high 90's and up to 105 degrees today, just a bit hot out with the humidity here in Missouri.

Please say hydrated if you are out in the heat , as it seems to be stalled on our country right now. 



Oh yes, if you haven't taken the time to listen to some of our songs--enjoy!



Do you have a hobby you enjoy?

I have a friend who purchased me a new sewing machine and I an enjoying it very much. 

I have started a new quilt and can hardly wait to see what it looks like when its finished!

I do have a couple others that were hand made by a friend of Cassie's and I finished them for her that are for sale. If you are interested  I'd be happy to show you!

Hope you have a great day!



Heat of the Summer


It seems we have not had much of a spring and summer is upon us. 

We had company come from Arizona and it was good to see old friends. 

Soon we will have more family coming from up north, going to Branson, which is an entertainment town, catering to family. 

They have a new show on this year called , " Samson" 

Last year the main attraction was , " Moses" and I understand it was great.   Have any of you seen the show? 

I've been working on music a bit and I know Cassie is learning a few new songs. 

Hope you have a wonderful July 4th celebration and above all stay safe!

Yard Sales


Ever had a Yard or Garage Sale? 

It can be a lot of work, but it is amazing how many wonderful neighbors you meet for the first time. 

We live in an area where people seems so friendly. Its a great place to live and our really close 

ones have been delightful to have as neighbors. 

We met people who had worked at the Children's Burn Center in Springfield, Mo and I am 

excited to be thinking about helping with their burn center, not just the one in Phoenix. 


Hope you have a great weekend and hope we have a little of the rain that we could use. 

I had to water my little garden , in pots, because its a bit dry, but the humidity has been high. 

Kind of crazy, but oh well. Enjoy your weekend. 



The Final Quest


As I continue to read Rick Joyners book on "The Final Quest" my spirit is moved by the way 

Satan has stepped up and deceived so many with his schemes. 

Rick's panoramic vision of the ultimate quest. 

It is about the greatest and last battle between light and darkness, which is happening now. 

I see signs that were written and prophesy's that are coming true in this season of our lives. 

Right before our eyes they seem to be happening quicker and quicker. My sister used to say, " Doesn't  it sound like the clock of time 

is clicking louder and faster for the end times almost every day?". I could not agree with her more. She is of course now walking the

streets of gold and having fellowship with the Lord. 


Be aware of whats around you and try to love like Jesus did us, as He commanded, and above all stay humble so you can hear 

the Holy Spirit when He speaks.  We never know where our Lord will send us. 

The Torch & the Sword


Recently I have read a book a friend of mine gave to me. This book is :

The Torch and the Sword by Rick Joyner. 

I was inspired by the book as it lined up with my life of visions all thru my life. 

My visions always come true and as the years pass, they come even quicker than when I was a child. 

When I was young I would have dreams of things coming up and I would try to stop what ever it was that

I was going to say and change the events in the dream as I recognized it when I was awake. It never worked!

I would think I was going to say something different, but always I would open my mouth and out the words would flow. 


As the years went by I started praying in Jesus name and that it would  change the event, and He was faithful to change the event from the dream as I was actually doing what I had dreamed.  However, if I see a vision--something I see when I'm awake-- this doesn't work. I can only try to warn the person if they are willing to hear. Most of the time they are not willing to hear unless they are a close friend or family member. I have noticed if my name is not spoken in  the vision or dream, I am not involved, just shown the event to come.

I have prayed for the catastrophe events and even wept for those in the middle of the disasters, but in my eyes I saw no difference. One day I asked God ,"Why do you show these terrible things to come when it doesn't make a difference if I pray about it ?" and His answer was," Who are you to say whether someone listens and are moved your prayers? How do you know who has heard My voice? "  How humbling that was for me and so I continue to pray when I see visions of terrible things to come and know God has interceded for those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see. 

If you have these gifts, please take them seriously. We are not all given the gift and you may be the only one praying for the situation that makes a difference.  God has a plan and we were created for this time and season. Rejoice you are the kings Kid!

Mom Goes Home


Sorry I have been gone for a while. 

This last month on the 22nd, my mother-in-law, Marian Wagner, went home to be with the Lord. 

She will be greatly missed by her family, but we know she in dancing on the streets of gold and praising our Lord. 

Marian loved to dance. As a matter of fact that was the first place I met her was at the square dances up in Illinois, a life time ago. 

She loved her family and she was a testy little woman who had a good sense of humor. 

Many people I had never met showed up to her funeral and so many friends came in support of us. I do appreciate all of you 

who took time out of your busy schedules and came to comfort the family and lifted us up in prayer. 




Well its been a couple days since I have wrote on my blog, sorry about that. 

Our weather has been changing into spring and I am still trying to acclimate to the cooler weather than in Arizona. 

I do have my little garden planted in pots and I am looking forward to having some fresh tomatoes. Yummy

Yesterday I was listening to Jerry Savalle , I don't know if that spelling is correct, but he always inspires me. He was talking about how 

God wants us to know Him personally and that as Moses was searching to know Him better Moses asked, "show Me Your Glory God'

That resonated to Jerry and to the church he was speaking to, it also did to me and as they all spoke it out to God  "Show Me Your Glory God" and I spoke it too. 

Within half an hour I was contacted to sing at an event and more came later and we were blessed by His mighty hand this morning! 

I am going to  continue to say, " Show Me Your Glory God" every single day as I see how much God wants to have that providing relationship and for us to depend on Him. We were created to worship and depend on Him.  I want that so much too. 

Hope you are going to say the same and see God's mighty hand touch your lives as you learn also to depend on Him for even the small leads He sends us on. I want to hear His voice clearly. I pray that for you too. 







We are excited to report the

Back Pack Fundraiser in Keokuk, Iowa was a great success ! 

On April 8, 2018 at Driftwood 13, 

The band Razzmatazz  and other  musicians came together to create a jam session to help bring donations for the Auction to create funds. 

Thanks to all those who donated their time, gifts and services, we were able to raise a substantial amount to help provide food for the children over the weekends to come. 

Cold - burr


Its been cold outside for a couple weeks and I'm ready for sunshine and spring ,  How about you? 

Its been raining out and snowing even though I have asked for warm and sunshine. 

We have a fund raiser this next weekend and it will help with the Back Pack Program for the children 

who don't have food over the weekends. Its a great cause , no children should have to go hungry 

in our country of plenty.

If you want to see more about it check out our facebook page, or let me know! 




Yesterday I was blessed with another year! Yes! it was my birthday and I told everyone if my dad could say he was still 

39 years old, I guess I would too.  Of course we had many laughs from that considering my children are older than that. 


But I did have a great day. It was Sunday so off to church, seeing so many there for Palm Sunday, celebrating the Lord for the week of Passover. The children were out front of the church calling with palm branches in hands," Hosanna in the highest, to our Lord"  How precious it was. 

I asked if they knew who they were celebrating and one of the young ladies piped up and said she did! 

How exciting to see children in church, learning that things may get tough, but we have a Lord that will never leave us and we can always call on. He promises to never leave or forsake us and what a wonderful promise! 

Well I hope you are having a great week and thanks to family and friends that made my birthday an awesome one! and thanks for all the Happy Birthdays on Facebook! 



I'm looking forward to spending the day at T-Charlestons Books and Gifts Store in Branson tomorrow. 

For information please look at the Calendar of Events. 

Liz who manages the store is a delight and the staff is exceptional. They have a smile on their faces and truly do want to 

help you with what ever you need. 

Its a great store to shop at and the whole mall is fun to spend part of your day at. 

Hope to see you there tomorrow, March 24th!




It is amazing how little sunshine can brighten your spirits. 

We truly are children of the light, our Father God. 

Today its 76 degree out here in Missouri and everyone is out 

checking on their yards and starting to get flowers to brighten up 

the landscapes. 

I hope you had a great spring time planned and something extra 

special for your day! 

Friends are Timeless


Have you ever had a friend from childhood and you lost track of them as life marched on?  Well that happened to me and it was over 20 years I could not find my dear childhood friend. 

This week I was so fortunate to have found my dear friend, Sherri. We were always with each other as children and we even bought material of the same kind and would make a couple different outfits. What a great time we had!

Time does march on but I can tell you, I was so excited to hear her voice, it made me cry. Not of sadness of course, but of great joy that I had found my dear friend of so many years that was so precious to me.  

Can you imagine how God feels when we loose track of that close relationship He formed us to be with Him?  The prodigal son reminds me of another story in the Bible that tells of the great joy the father had when he saw his son coming home. 

I am very thankful God found a way for me to find my dear girlfriend. What a wonderful day that was! 

Heal the Sick


Isn't is amazing how the old saying seems true," When it rains it pours." 

This week it has been pouring in the sense of real rain coming down from the skies and also for the prayer requests coming in from our prayer team. 

We have a wonderful Prayer Warrior Team and we have seen many miracles from God due to these dedicated Prayer Warriors.

If you have a prayer request, you can email it to me and we will put it on the list of prayers. This week several of our Prayer Warriors are asking for prayer for their loved ones, and I know God will hear our prayers once more. He is a faithful God and Father who wants the best for us and He  hears when we call.  will get your prayer requests to us.



Winter weather


Last night the weather dipped from 65 degrees to into the low 20's and as we looked outside late in the night, you could see every blade of grass looked like it was covered with ice. 

What a pretty sight it was to see the light shimmer off everything we could see. I know the winter is necessary and we need the snow for the nitrogen and the rain for moister. Isn't it amazing how God has created this wonderful world to bring seasons as needed. 

Sometimes it brings us back to comforting thoughts of the past. A smell, a sound, or touch can bring a memory to mind. 

Do you have a memory of the winter season that makes you smile? 

I have had so many winters and hope for many more. The blast from the past makes me smile like my niece sending pictures of her mother.  

Treasure those moments that make you smile and brings you happiness. 

Up The Mountain.


Have you read the book -- Hinds' Feet on High Places  by Hannah Harnard? 

It's a book of allegory's and  is  a great book for any of you vintage people. 

I will be doing a study on this book in the future and look forward to it. It is amazing all the things God ( Good Shepherd in the book ) has taken us through and always been there if we will call. 

It gives me peace when I think of all the times in my life He has sent someone, maybe an Angel at times to help through the difficult times. 

Think back to when it seemed impossible for something to have happened without someone looking out for you, that you can 't even see. 

I have heard so many stories like this over the years. If you have one and want to share I would love to hear it. 

Stuggles in Our Lives


While working on a new study on Corinthians, I was reminded, when we go thru struggles we don't understand- the scripture gives us an answer.

II Corinthians 1:4 KJV  "Who comforters us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God." 

In the craziness that comes into our lives, if we will lean on God and ask for His help, He is like a good parent who will not intervene unless asked. Then we can see His hand lift us when things are to heavy to bear. 

With this understanding when we see others struggle like we have earlier in our lives, hopefully we will have wisdom to give that will help. A smile never costs anything and its a good place to start. 

One occasion of this happening to me:

I was traveling thru Chicago airport and had some down time between connections. Wondering why God had sent me this way, a young lady with 2 children who reminded me of myself so many years earlier. I was trying to get to Phoenix with a very sick baby daughter and a son who was just a little older than the baby. While trying to find a seat on the Greyhound bus, no one wanted me to sit by them with 2  little ones. God sent an Angel that day to invite me to sit with her and she helped with the babies all the way to Phoenix. 

In a flash God had reminded me of how  I felt that day getting on the bus and I reached out to spend time with this young mother and her two babies. She was so surprised that I had decided to stop and take time with her. I let her talk about anything she wanted and inspired her to not give up. I explained I had been right where she was and knew God had something wonderful for her life. 

That day is one I will not forget as the Scripture of II Cor. 1:4 came into play! Thank you Father God for reminding us of  Your scripture of mercy, joy, peace and comfort. 

Angels Watch Over Us


Isn't it amazing how many times you can go thru the day and not really think about all the Angels watching over us? 

This weekend we traveled back from Illinois getting my Mother-In-Laws things in order for her to have the care she needed and the weather decided to drop a winter storm on us.

What should have been a 6 hour trip became a long 9 hour trip. At one point the police closed the road due to accidents and turned us around onto country roads to get around the accidents. 

Many prayers were spoke for the people in accidents and even for us traveling. During the trip my husband asked if my muscles were as tense as his, and I responded that we had prayed about it and I knew the Angels were watching over and protecting us and that he was doing a great job of driving cautiously in the storm. 

I have to admit, as we drove into our driveway, I was excited to be home safe and sound and still was praying for all those stranded out on the roads. 

We have the right to ask for Angels to watch over us even when we know we do have some, I don't know , but I think they were working over time yesterday all over Missouri in the storm. 

Have a blessed day! 

Hinds' Feet


Well it is Jan. 29th and this month is about over. We have been on the road so much this last month is seems like time marched away. 

I saw our women's leader yesterday at church and she reminded me that we have a new study out and I should get a book. I'm going to miss this weeks study again and it made me think of all the books I have read and how many I have done studies on and taught on. 

One of my favorite books is, "Hinds' Feet on High Places" by Hannah Harnard. I know it sounds kind of funny, but if you are at all getting seasoned in your life, this book will bring you to places you have already been and allow you to see God's hand in your life where possibly you had not seen before. 

All the characters are in allegory, but it reminds you of the struggles we meet in our lives. It is based on Song of Solomon and Scriptures to inspire you along the way.  It's not a book you read in one day, but it will stretch you in your walk with God. 

Hope you have an opportunity to read it. Have a blessed day! 



It has come to my attention that sometimes we don't know how to pray. 

God has given us His words in the Bible and thats a great place to start.

When we pray with words and thoughts that are inspired by scripture, we are assured that our prayinging is anchored in stone truths from centuries ago. This will keep our prayers consistent in an attitude and spirit God relates to. 

Place yourself in the scripture as you read it aloud and see how God hears as the Holy Spirit guides. 

Precious Life


Yesterday, I heard my favorite aunt has late stage cancer and my heart was saddened for her and her family. Memories came flooding back into my mind.

This precious woman took and cared for my oldest child when the youngest was so ill her first year of life, so I could stay by my daughters side. So many times her and her family stepped in and helped as families should. She was a guiding light in the crazy world, always guiding us toward God. 

She was like a mom to me and my siblings in so many ways and yet she didn't live close to us. Her heart is so precious and loves the Lord and her family. 

As I rise early this morning to pray for her, the Lord reminds me that sometimes those we are praying for to stay with us are ready to go home to Him. Of course my selfish heart wishing for her to stay, but most of all, I pray that she has her wish, that God would answer her prayers, what ever they may be. 

I pray peace and comfort for all who love this precious woman of God. Thank You, Father God, for Your watchful Eye and Mercy.

Gifts and Talents


God speaks to us thru our gifts and talents. The strengths that we all possess are part of the designed purpose for our lives.  

Running down a country road in the bitter cold is not everyone's idea of bliss, but it is for the distance runner gifted with the strength and ability to stride for miles on end. What seems grueling to some is glorious  to others. We all have purpose laid within us that comes alive as we learn how to use it . No talent exalts itself without hard work and patient perseverance. God's talents are perfected as we seek His purpose for them. We can be successful without following His lead, but not in the way that brings true peace to our lives. 

The faithful way that we serve and honor Him in the simple tasks and the unfathomable  achievements in our lives gives glory to the One who cheers us on. The mom that decides to stay at home, and the mom that continues her career can both know the joy of God's purpose in their lives when they are following after His will over their own. 

God's Creation


Looking out on one's car window in awe of what God is capable of, thru the tall trees and over snow covered roads. Its like He didn't miss a brand. Each branch is one of a kind. "its's like this was just for us!" just as one commented. I have known God long enough to know that nothing is impossible for Him. 

It doesn't take a sea full of powder covered pine trees to reveal the majestic awe of God's creative hand. Any calm body of water holds a magical mirroring effect at sunrise or sunset, and every one of those is different. Brush strokes across the sky and birds coming and going in perfect time all fall under the sovereign control of our mighty God. He speaks to us thru His creation. As miraculous as the nature that surrounds this beautiful earth and the stars beyond are, each life is more precious to God than all of it.

Imagine the feeling we get when we revel in an amazing sunrise over the water, or century old forests full of trees that stretch towards shreds of blue sky. 

He loves us immeasurably more . Nature reminds us of who He is, who we are, and His love for us. 

You are one of a kind! God doesn't make junk! Look around and be amazed what He painted for you today! 

Let The Sun Shine


Good morning to you all!

The sun is shining today and tomorrow it should warm up enough to melt 

all the snow and ice.  Last night several in the Springfield, MO area were without 

electricity for a few hours.   Hope you are all warm and toasty this morning . 

January is half way over and it won't be long Spring will be arriving. I'm 

looking forward to it. How about you? Or are you a cold winter person ? 

Hope you have a very blessed day!

There is a Season


In Ecclesiastes 3:1-8  in the Bible, it speaks of a season for everything 

under the heavens.  In our season right now is a time where our family 

members are having major health issues and even loss of family members. 

It brings us to mind how quickly our lives are like it says that we are like 

grass that quickly grows and withers and dies. 

We are but dust with a spirit within, and how weary our dust can become. 

I challenge you to appreciate your loved ones and family while you have them. 

Forgive if you have anything in strife among you. We forgive so we can be 

forgiven from God.  When it comes down to the last who are you going to want 

to have around you? What will you be calling for? Are you ready to go home and 

be with the Lord. If this is your last day, will you be happy to say to the Lord you were pleased with it?  

So many questions that possibly we need to look at. I have noticed, death is no 

respecter of persons and age. 

Let it Snow


Good Morning everyone!

Let it Snow is what the weather man posted last night and it certainly did. 

Tomorrow we are expecting even more. Hope you are all in safe and sound with a warm home and plenty to 


All of you who love snow men-- today is your day. 

Are you expecting winter blasts also this week, I know most of the states are. 

Be safe but enjoy if this is your time of year! I remember I used to enjoy the snow when we were children! 





Have you ever noticed how quickly life passes us by? 

This last week we were up in Illinois checking on my mother-in-law who is 95 years old and she was in the hospital.  How frail her little body is, but yet she strives to keep going regardless of the pneumonia and flu she struggled with.

Yesterday we returned home and she was out of the hospital-- in a facility for physical therapy and hope she is able to regain her strength. 

I've noticed our bodies may grow old and wear out, but our spirits seem to be around the age of 32.  I don't know about you, but I'm not the atlas woman I once thought I was. My mind may think I can do anything I wish but in reality that is not the case. 

Enjoy your families and friends while you have them and make the moments count. I hear people say they are just killing time.  We will never recover those moments!  What has God placed for us  to see in those quiet times?. 

Do  you have moments you would like to relive? 

Do you have people you wish you could see again that have went on to be with the Lord?  If so what would you say to them? 

Enjoy your life, don't waste your moments, look around, what has God blessed you with? 

New Year of 2018


Well congratulations 2018 , you have rang in the New Year with sunshine here, but still 

bitter cold. 

We are looking forward to getting out of the house today. Anyone else feel like you are 

getting cabin fever? 

Just to get out into the sunshine will make us feel very alive today with the cold wind 

brushing our faces. 

Hope you have a great day and oh by the way---Happy Birthday to my Great Nephew L. J. Sparrow ! Hope you have a great day with many gifts to celebrate your birthday! Love you. Aunt Mary.

New Release


Dr. John Dee Jeffries put together a new book release with several authors sharing their inspiring stories. 

Mary has one of the stories in this new release: 

Broken Beyond Belief But not Beyond Faith  -From Brokenness To Blessedness

This book can be found on Amazon.

I encourage you to get this book of real life struggles and Faith -Affirming. Hope -Filed, and God Anointed testimonies. 


New Release/ Broken Beyond Belief But not Beyond Faith

Back Pack Program


We are excited to be helping with the Back Pack Program in Keokuk, Iowa. 

Cassie is spear heading that project that comes alongside the nurses in the schools to provide food 

for the children who are lacking in meals over the weekends.  You possibly could have one of these 

programs in your area too. 

Hopefully there will be a program to help provide meals for the children in the summer when there is 

no school in session.  In Arizona the schools have a program that provide breakfast and lunch for children 

who come and spend their mornings in the school. Its a great program and hope that is implemented 

in Iowa this year too. 

Thanks for all of you who contribute to this cause! No child should go hungry in this country of plenty !


Cold Outside


We live in Missouri and its only to be in the single digits for the temps today and thru Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018.

I think we will stay in today and for the next couple days, we have plenty food and a warm house, so what could be better? 

What is going on in your area of the country or countries? Share with us, we'd love to hear! 

What did you receive for Christmas?


Would any of you like to share what you received for Christmas, or how you spent your Christmas Season ?

What are doing for New Years and do you have any new changes for 2018 ? 

We would love to hear from you and celebrate with you! 


Merry Christmas


Christmas has come and gone again for another year and I was blessed to be with family and friends. 

My children are a wonderful blessings to us.  How blessed are you by your family and friends ? 

Did you spend it in the cold and snowy areas or were you one of the people who decided the warm climate was the best way to spend Christmas? 

It was very cold in Illinois and Iowa, but we had warm thoughts as we spent them with family and friends.

My mother-in-law turned 95 years old and we had a wonderful party for her. She said she thought everyone had forgotten because no one was talking about her birthday.  I told her after 95 years! How could we possibly forget!  She was excited and had balloons, gifts and a beautiful cake to celebrate. I told her to look around at the family who had grown so much, with a new engagement for our son and the others, saying "look what all you got started!"   She gazed around her and smiled agreeing it was a great celebration. 

I hope you had just as wonderful Christmas Season and are ready for  all the blessings coming for the 2018 year which is upon us!  

Happy New Year !

Wishing you the very best God has to offer for you and your families! 

Book Signing


Excited to be joining T Charlestons Book and Gifts Store for a Book Signing

2800 W. 76  Country Blvd, Branson, MO 65616 

Ph. 417-334-7931

The event is on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 8 & 9, 2017

Come and enjoy the marvelous store that has something for every age and size. With Christmas coming up it is a wonderful time to pick up a gift and enjoy the atmosphere.   

I look forward to visiting with you and sharing my books. 

See you in December! A great time to be in Branson for the Christmas Season!

Pray with Joy


In Phil. 1:3-5  Paul thanked God every time he remembered the Philippians. He prayed with Joy because of their partnership with him. 

Paul prayed for grace and peace for them and that God continue to do good works and to completion. 

I thank all of you  who partnership with The Faith Sisters, Inc and pray grace and peace on you. I pray you will continue to do good works and to completion also. Prosperity in your lives and in your soul. 

Thank you for being the blessing that touches so many lives. 



Prayer is Like Oxygen


Prayer is like oxygen to our prayer lives.

It provides the wind in our sails to propel everything we don't as believers.

It's the unseen key to the success of every person and ministry. 

We were designed to be dependent on God, lets pray He sends the wind to propel our lives in the right direction with Him at the helm. 

Have a blessed day, Mary



Rain comes and the old saying is, "When you see the rainbow, you know the storm is over." 

This saying must come from when God promised to never destroy the earth again; He sent the rainbow in the sky as His sign to us. 

I look forward to seeing the rainbow and even hunt for it as the storms are subsiding. Knowing God paints His handiwork in the sky for all to see is consoling. 

This comforts me each time I find one, and I thank God for the sign He sprays across the skies. Sometimes He even gives us a double rainbow, what a beautiful gift. 

The last storm that ran thru produced a rainbow so vivid in colors one like I have never seen before. 

Lets take time and enjoy all the signs God sends, reminding us, He will never leave us and loves us enough to send His only Son, Jesus, to pay the price for all sins. What a great gift and one only has to receive this free gift. 

Each Moment Counts


It comes to me each day as I wake up and sit in the bed. 

I am still here and have not been called home with my Lord. 

What does this mean to me? 

How am I going to make each moment count today and who is the Lord going to place

in my path today. 

Will they teach and encourage me or will I encourage them? 

Questions come to mind as I welcome the Holy Spirit in my life to lead me today. 



Time flies by and this week we were blessed to host a couple friends from Arizona, Karon and Dan Peer. 

Karon was the first to come up with a Teddy Bear pattern and Teddy Bears for the Children's Burn Center in Phoenix.  We still use this pattern to make cuddly little Bears for the children, and Dan goes to Mexico on Missions. 

We were delighted to learn more about this couple that dedicated their lives to God. 

Hope you have the opportunity to host someone special in your home also. 



Great Guests


 Our week was blessed with friends visiting for a couple days. 

This delightful couple are Missionaries to Mexico. We were amazed by all the things we learned about them and their travels. 

It takes a special kind of person to be willing to travel out of the country where it is possibly unstable, but yet still goes because they have the calling from God. 

Whenever you have the opportunity to host someone, think about what a great blessing you will be to those traveling. 




I have been attending a women's study on Tuesdays and I am blessed  by the women's hearts to share their lives. 

We are studying about how our brokenness allows us to see how much God paid the price for us to come to Him. 

How precious each and everyone of us are to God to send His Son to pay for our sins. 

Smile, someone paid it all for you, and it was because of God's Mercy we can receive this free gift. 



New Beginnings


Excited to get this site up and running. Hope you enjoy sharing how wonderful God has been in your lives. 

Each day is a new start!  Let's make this day count!

Blessings,  Mary

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