Mary J. Wagner - President/Author, musician/ singer/speaker

Mary was raised in the country in Illinois and is a inspirational author, speaker, singer and musician. 

    She addresses conferences, church group, camps , retreats and professional gatherings. 

Mary was recognized for "Exemplary Leadership from Central Arizona College and Pinal County for 

"Women's HERstory" in 2013".

    Mary brings energy to the platform and is the founder and President of The Faith Sisters, Inc, a non-profit organization that reaches out and helps other children who have been burned.

    She has written 3 inspirational books: "On Fire For God" & "We Walk Among Angels" & "Eyes To See and Ears to Hear"  

Mary has a story in the book, "Broken Beyond Belief- But Not Beyond Faith"  which was published by Dr. John Dee Jeffries at Published By Parables. 

Through life Mary was in an abusive foster home, and burned at 8 years old from a back draft fire with 3rd degree burns from her waist up, and survived an abusive marriage. She shares through God's grace overcoming all odds and encourages other to do the same. 

    Mary shares her adventures with humor and heartwarming stories. 


Cassie Jones - Vice President, singer

Cassie Jones, is the daughter of Mary Wagner. 

She enjoys sharing her talents of song, music and inspires others with her testimonies. Cassie has a great heart for the children and spearheads The Faith Sisters Back Pack Program in her area. Cassie lives in Iowa.


Glinda Weddle - Director and Secretary

Glinda has an awesome gift of organizing and shares her talents with The Faith Sisters, Inc., 

She is The Faith Sisters Secretary and Director and always goes the extra mile in touching peoples lives. 


Cathy Simpson - Director

Cathy is blessed with her gift of teaching and is an amazing Prayer Warrior. 

She always has a kind and uplifting word of inspiration and is one of The Faith Sisters Directors.



Phyllis Straight -  Director


Phyllis is blessed with organizational skills and is an amazing Prayer Warrior. 

She is alway has words of encouragement and ready to pray healing for  so many in need. 



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