On Fire For God

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"On Fire For God" 

Autobiography of Mary J. Wagner. 

Beaten, Battered and Burned, Mary shares her near death experiences. She was burn with 3rd degree burns when she was 8 years old and when she took her first elevator ride, she left her body here.  

Inspiring story that leads you thru the life led by God and Angels to guide on her path. 

Broken Beyond Belief


This book is a compilation of 20 stories from people who have had major struggles and share their stories. Mary Wagner has one of the stories in this book . This book was assembled by John Dee Jeffries/ Published by Parables. 

We Walk Among Angels

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"We Walk Among Angels" is a devotional with a Small Study Guide and a facilitators guide in the back.  This book is a compilation of 30 short stories  where Mary shares experiences where Angels have come to her aid.  You will be inspired seeing God's hand in your  life.  

Great of small study groups.

I'm Gonna Sing

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I'm Gonna Sing " is Barbara Downing and Mary Wagner very first Album. 

This is a compilation of Inspiration music. Three of the songs are originals written by The Faith Sisters. 

Silver and Gold

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"Silver and Gold" is a compilation of several artists including : Barbara Downing, Mary Wagner, Steve Cass, Leroy Sparrow and Nancy Ruybal. 

1. Silver and Gold ...... Performed by Barbara Downing 

2. I'm From the Country..... Performed by Barbara Downing and Mary Wagner

3. Unanswered prayers.... Performed by Leroy Sparrow/ guitar by Steve Cass

4. Since He Gave My Life a New Start ...... Performed by Barbara Downing & Mary Wagner

5. Long Hard Ride...... Performed by Nancy Ruybal

6. Coat of Many Colors...... Performed by Mary Wagner

7. A Little Good News...... Performed by Barbara Downing & Mary Wagner

8. Under His Wings...... Performed by Barbara Downing

9. Down to the River to Pray....... Performed by Barbara Downing, Mary Wagner & Leroy Sparrow

For Those Tears

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This is the last album Barbara Downing sang on before she went home to be with the Lord a couple months later. We still miss my dear sister!

1. For Those Tears...... Written & Performed by Barbara Downing & Mary Wagner

2. You Gotta Walk that Lonesome Valley...... Performed by Barbara Downing & Mary Wagner

3. Redeemer....... Performed by Cassie Jones

4. Let Me Tell You About My Jesus...... Performed by Barbara Downing & Mary Wagner

5. Long Black Train.......Performed by Mary Wagner

6. Ten Thousand Angels ...... Performed by Barbara Downing & Mary Wagner

7. I'm Gonna Sing .......Written & Performed by Barbara Downing

8. Strength of My Life....... Performed by Cassie Jones

9. The Middle Man........ Performed by Mary Wagner

10. Fish and Pay ....... Written & Performed by Mary Wagner


Color Me A Picture


The cover of "Color Me a Picture" was drawn by an autistic little girl by the name of anna. Mary wrote the song "Anna's Picture"  because of there interaction with Anna. What a precious day that was!  Mary also wrote the song: "Dirt Walkin", All other songs are written by the inspired David Patillo.

1. Star City

2. Standing Out

3. I Found It all At the Cross

4. Just Because I Asked You

5. Not the Great I Was

6. Ten Thousand Angels Cried Again

7. Dirt Walkin'

8. Anna's Picture


It's A Family Tradition

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This album is a mixture of Traditional, Fun and Country Christmas. Cassie Jones and Mary Wagner come together to keep up the Family Traditions of music and song at Christmas. Enjoy

1. The Christmas Song....... Performed by Mary Wagner

2. Do You Hear What I Hear? ....... Performed by Cassie Jones

3. Mary Did You Know? ........ Performed by Mary Wagner

4. White Christmas..... Performed by Mary Wagner

5. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus....... Performed by Cassie Jones

6. Jingle Bell Rock ........... Performed by Mary Wagner

7. RockingAround The Christmas Tree ......Performed by Cassie Jones

8. The Gift............ Guitar & Performed by Mary Wagner

9. The First Noel........ Performed by Mary Wagner

10.  The Little Grey Donkey....... Guitar & Performed by Mary Wagner


All 5 Albums Bundle

Donation of 40.00 shipping & Handling included

This is a bundle with the discounted price for all 5 albums which include:

1. I'm Gonna Sing

2. Silver and Gold

3. For Those Tears

4. Its a Family Tradition

5. Color Me A Picture


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