Rain comes and the old saying is, "When you see the rainbow, you know the storm is over." 

This saying must come from when God promised to never destroy the earth again; He sent the rainbow in the sky as His sign to us. 

I look forward to seeing the rainbow and even hunt for it as the storms are subsiding. Knowing God paints His handiwork in the sky for all to see is consoling. 

This comforts me each time I find one, and I thank God for the sign He sprays across the skies. Sometimes He even gives us a double rainbow, what a beautiful gift. 

The last storm that ran thru produced a rainbow so vivid in colors, one like I have never seen before. 

Lets take time and enjoy all the signs God sends, reminding us, He will never leave us and loves us enough to send His only Son, Jesus, to pay the price for all sins. What a great gift and one only has to receive this free gift. 

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