Have you ever stopped and thought of how quickly things go? Look at our lives, well I'm a great grandmother, so you can imagine how fast it seems to fly by for me.  Just think in your life time again, what age you will be !  I will be walking the streets of gold with my Lord Jesus, how exciting-- a win win situation. 

I know its been a month since I have written in the blog, sorry about that.  We have been in the middle of a move! 

You want to hear how awesome God is ? I knew you did !  so I will share. 

We have been looking for a place a bit bigger with some land so my husband could put a shop to work in. One day we were both praying for God to show us one, and I hate to say this but I was starting to feel a bit discouraged. We had been looking for months and nothing. But this day our realtor called and said one had just went on the market literally a couple hours earlier and she thought this might be ours. 

Setting an appointment to see it and there it was, we couldn't have built one any better. God  had once again come through ! Within the hour we put in an offer and had purchased our home. Now we had to list ours we were living in and it sold in four days. Well you're right , that means we have to move in two weeks and get everything done.  Wow ! 

So we now are in our new, used home, but new to us and we are looking to build that shop for my hubby, Thanks God ! You are an amazing God ! 

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